Low-Key Friday

Today there weren’t any big family plans, so we spent the morning taking it easy and trying to make plans with friends. We took a Lyft from Scottsdale, where we’re staying, to Chandler, to have lunch with one of our fellow DJs and his girlfriend, neither of whom we’ve ever met before. We had a fantastic lunch at a really good Italian restaurant before taking a Lyft back to the condo. I read for a while and did my learning before coming out to the living room to goof off on the computer before dinner. Dinner was a fabulous steak grilled by my mother-in-law’s husband and a lovely dinner conversation with the four of us. It’s been a very good day.

Mom continues to be up and down. Not much to update tonight, since she was sleeping whenever Kenneth would visit. He did manage to wake her up for a brief time, and she was in a decent enough mood at that point, apparently singing and dancing to music in her head. She’s not eating much, he was able to report that. Most everyone that’s caring for her thinks that her secondary infection is still persistent despite the course of broad-spectrum antibiotics that she received in the hospital, and that’s causing the confusion and disorientation and disconnection with reality. I personally think that it’s partly that and partly the stroke, but I’m three time zones away right now and don’t have any direct evidence to back that up.

Tomorrow there are plans in both the afternoon and evening, and it’s with the larger family. Sunday is, of course, going to be considerably busier, between Easter mass and Easter dinner. And then Monday will be the frenzy of traveling back home.

The trip has gone surprisingly well, despite being hectic at times. I hope it continues for the rest of the trip.

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