The Fullness of Meh

Today’s not been a bad day. There’s not been any real problem with anything today, and I’ve gotten through today with only brief dips into depression. But today hasn’t really been a good day either. I’ve been mostly going through the motions.

Watching a couple movies helped with distracting me from that, and having a radio show helped in the evening, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. But I can’t put my finger on a trigger.

I’m thinking it’s because the stress of travel and dealing with Mom and being apprehensive about the trip to see family and trying to get past a knee injury finally let go after a few days home and with me back to the usual day-to-day I’m not needing to function on such a high level, and the wind’s kind of been let out of my sails, if that makes any sense. I’ve dealt with a LOT in the past three weeks and there’s been little break to let that stress go. So I think that’s what I’m experiencing.

I hope it doesn’t last long. I dislike feeling this neutral. I dislike feeling negative, for that matter, but the neutral doesn’t feel like anything, and that’s a pretty empty feeling.

There’s a lot from my checklist that I’ve waited until the last minute to get done, so once more this will be a shorter blog post. I’m looking forward to having something to write about again that will take a while to process through. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit writing only a few paragraphs a day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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