Mom Update 5/2/2017

It’s been a little while, so I thought I’d give you an update on how Mom’s doing.

Mom is slowly recovering from her stroke, pneumonia, and secondary infection. While I’m not sure what percentage of her motor skills have returned, there’s enough there to open a clamshell phone and dial my number, and I think she’s using her laptop again. She’s more and more centered in reality, though she’s still a little delusional about her long-term prognosis; to be fair, that was a condition that was very much active long before the stroke, so things are, for what they’re worth, back to normal. She’s talking about moving out to Texas to be with us, she’s talking about trying to sell most of her belongings to be able to make the move, but I don’t think she’s processing just how expensive it’s going to be to move out here with us and need to buy mostly all new furniture and furnishings. I know that she lost some things in a tornado that hit her old storage facility, but to the best of my knowledge she wasn’t able to participate in the inventory of what was left and hasn’t been able to compare it to what she had before, so she’s really at a loss to be able to tell me just how much of a complete residence she has in storage right now. She’s also wanting to go back to school to finish her accounting degree, and I’m not sure how much she remembers of what she’s already got under her belt, nor am I certain it will transfer from a North Carolina community college to a Texas bachelor’s program. She wants to get a car to get around in and she wants to be as completely independent as she can be. In her mind, that means having in-home nursing checking in on her a few times a week.

Except that she can’t walk at all under her own power, and hasn’t been able to for years. The best I understand it, she’s able to get a few steps in at physical therapy using handrails and with a spotter, but that’s about it. That’s not independence, that’s virtually complete immobility. She’s also still got periods where she’s very confused – trying to put on a sheet as pants, for instance – and not at all certain of what’s real and what isn’t. So long as she’s having these spells of confusion, I don’t want her on her own.

She does have it together enough to be able to realize that she dodged a bullet with this stroke, and that she finally needs to have me officially signed on as her financial power of attorney. Supposedly there are forms that I need to have signed before a notary and sent back to her, but I honestly couldn’t begin to tell you where those forms are. I hope they’re in my vital records storage – that’ll take a quick check in the file box to be sure – but if they’re not I’m going to assume that they’re lost somewhere along the way and that we’ll need to restart the process.

To be honest, I thought this was already done, but Mom is saying that it’s not, and that her facility doesn’t have a record of it. So we try again, this time making sure we dot our I’s and cross our T’s.

So that’s how Mom is doing. She wants me to be sure that I pass along her thanks for everyone’s well-wishes and prayers for her recovery – that meant a lot to her, and a lot to us. Keep the good thoughts coming, though, she’s not out of the woods yet.

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