A Dearth of Material

Today was a very odd day. I slept in and had very disturbing dreams late in my sleep cycle. I was lost in a city that I didn’t recognize and the further and further I got from my point of origin the more I started to recognize things in the dream (the dream and the reality of the town that I thought I was in couldn’t have been more different, but my brain told me it was this real town from my past, so my subconscious ran with it). The problem was that my parents were at the point of origin, and I was really running out of juice to walk back, so my quest then became to find a phone that I could call them on and get picked up, now that I could tell them where I was. The problem was that I couldn’t find a pay phone and no one seemed to have a mobile phone. I finally found some kid who handed me what he called a phone, but what my brain recognized as a Palm Pilot V (the thinner, metal-skinned version) in white. I fumbled to try and find the phone on the device, and that’s when I was very abruptly woken up by a phone call from an automated system trying to sell me an aftermarket warranty on a car I no longer own.

I tried shaking the dream but had no luck in doing so, and I was in a fog. I managed to get out of bed and get my vitals done and my meds taken before going back to bed for another attempt at sleep. I got maybe ten minutes of shuteye before my brain kicked in and told me I had a checklist to try and accomplish, so I got up and tried to start my day. I was exceptionally drowsy and the fog persisted until my wife came home from lunch.

Today was supposed to be a day that I drove in the afternoon due to a therapist’s appointment, but we both came to the conclusion that I didn’t have any business behind the wheel of a car, so we sent a text to my therapist cancelling the appointment, I had a quick lunch, and very soon after my wife left to go back to work I went back to bed.

I was in bed for about 45 minutes this time, and don’t remember any dreaming from that period, but when I awoke again I was still in a fog from the earlier dream.

The fog eventually lifted, but the dream has stuck with me all day long. Usually I don’t remember my dreams at all, and if I do, it’s only fleeting bits here and there, so remembering this one in the detail that I do is very unusual for me.

Other than that, it’s been a completely unremarkable day. I’ll have completed my checklist again today – I think this is day nine of the new streak – but other than that there really isn’t that much to report from the day. It’s kind of like I was going through the motions all day long.

The therapist’s appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Here’s hoping that I can wake up alert and ready to go tomorrow.

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