An Indoors Kind of Day

The newest addition to our home is Stormy Cat, a former semi-feral stray that we befriended over a period of a couple of years. He’s gone from running away from us on sight to meowing in order to be let inside. He still spends most of his day outside and away from the apartment, but in the evening he usually makes at least one appearance inside the place, if not more than that. (He’s still finicky about when he wants to be inside and when he wants to be outside.)

Today he started coming in early, around mid-morning. He’s now on his fifth trip inside today and he’s actually spent more time inside than he has outside, and the vast majority of the time he’s spent outside has been on our balcony, being as close to me as he can (my usual spot on the couch is next to the window that he sits or lies down beside). I don’t know what’s caused the uptick in his inside time, but we’re not complaining. We’ve spent lots of time giving him scritches and snuggles on the bed. He usually will lie down at the foot of the bed on my side, but if someone lies down he almost immediately walks up near their face to demand to be pet – and if we’re both on the bed he almost always walks up between us so we can both pet him.

If you’d have told me three years ago when we first moved in that the scared cat that ran into the storm drain (hence his name) whenever he saw us that he’d be on our bed demanding attention from us, I would have thought you were crazy. It never fails to amaze me just how far he’s come in trusting us. He’s not only quite affectionate but fairly chatty, and it’s adorable to listen to him meow for someone to come pet him. (Not quite as adorable as actually petting him, though!)

I’m so glad we adopted him.

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