Moving Forward and Breaking Down

This is not the meat of today’s blog post, but it’s something that happened today, and I want to get it out of the way before I go on. I called the program coordinator for my certificate program at Austin Community College today and found out that she’ll accept my immunization form before it’s complete. (I’m going into a Health Sciences program of study, if you’ll recall, which means that there’s a ton of vaccinations that I need to document for school. One of those immunizations is for Hepatitis B, which is a three-part vaccination spread over six months. I’ve got the first two done, but the last dose won’t be due until after I’ve started the program already.) That meant scanning the form and sending the scan to their document agency today. Once I get confirmation that the document has been accepted by the school, I can call to set up an orientation appointment where I’ll drop off my application.

It’s been some time since I’ve been able to move forward with school and I’m excited that the ball is rolling again.

Now on to the part that I’m really excited about.

Tonight we broke down and subscribed to Starz through Amazon Prime. We got it for one thing, and one thing only – American Gods.

The adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel is in the middle of its first season on the network, and we’ve been wrestling with whether we wanted to spring for the subscription or not, knowing that the show would be likely the only thing we’d watch. I think our combined desire to see American Gods more or less along with everyone else finally tipped us in favor of forking out.¬†Our budget is extremely tight right now, so the nine bucks a month is something that we needed to make sure was in the cards for us.

We brought up the service on our Fire stick and started perusing movies, just out of curiosity. We were overjoyed to see so many movies that we wanted to see – one of which I was just thinking about the other day. That made me feel better about the subscription, because it means there’s going to be lots more to Starz than we had initially thought.

We had turned on the TV for one reason, though, and that was to watch American Gods.

I’ve only read the novel once, several years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though, so I was really looking forward to the adaptation, but there’s a lot of details that I don’t easily remember. I’d be going into this with only a basic outline of the story line in my head.

I’m also not one to binge watch anything, which is why I hardly ever start into a television series on any platform – I need a break after an episode and eventually those breaks get longer and longer until I downright forget that I’m watching a series. We started season one of The Last Kingdom a while back, an adaptation of my favorite ongoing novel series from Bernard Cornwell, and I got about halfway through the first season before trailing off. I’m going to go back and finish it at some point, I just never think to do so.

I think depression has something to do with that. Lately I’ve been going through the motions with much of my day, and only doing the bare minimum to get my checklists done. I haven’t found any interest in doing much of anything outside of what I need to do in order to get me through the day for some time now, and that manifests itself into spending endless hours just surfing the net for no apparent reason other than it’s something to occupy the time. Before I know it the whole day’s gone by and I’ve missed my opportunity to do much of anything about it.

So agreeing to watch American Gods tonight was something out of the ordinary for me, and this is part of the reason that I’m going on at length about it.

The other reason that I’m getting long winded is that the show is incredible.

My words really can’t do justice to how good American Gods is. They are sticking with the book quite faithfully (my wife, who’s read the novel several times and is quite familiar with it, says there’s only been one minor departure from the book so far and the rest of the differences are nitpicky details) and that thrills me. The acting is good – Ian McShane is a tour de force as Mr. Wednesday – and the script is fantastic. We mowed through the first two episodes back to back, and that’s something I hardly ever do. The only reason that we didn’t move on to episode three is because I still had yet to write today.

Going through Amazon Prime to subscribe means that we’ll not be watching live broadcasts on Sundays, but we’ll have next-day availability of new episodes, and being only a day behind is very acceptable to me. We’ll likely be caught up – there’s only been five episodes so far – before Monday night, when we’ll be able to watch the newly released sixth episode, and I’m already looking forward to having a regular Monday night activity for the next few weeks.

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