All Clear

Went back to the orthopedist today to get the results of the MRI they had done last week. Got there a little early and they saw me a few minutes early as well. As they were bringing me back, the doctor asked if I’d had the MRI results sent over, to which I told him that I got a call yesterday from someone at his office confirming that they had received the results from the radiology lab. Only there weren’t any results in my chart. So the doc asked us to sit tight while he got the results faxed over.

So we waited for probably 15-20 minutes for that process to take place. Things were delayed because of fax problems, but eventually the doc came in and gave us the results.

Exactly what I was expecting. The MRI was normal in every way.

He moved on to options that could be done for pain management, starting with a steroid shot. I told him that my pain was minimal, maybe a 1 except in certain situations like using stairs, where the pain would jump to about a 3. He pulled the steroid shot off the table at that revelation, obviously thinking I was in a lot more pain that I actually was. I explained that my mother’s got arthritis in both knees to the point that she can’t walk and hasn’t been able to for about ten years now, and with that kind of family history I wanted to be safe rather than sorry – any pain is an indication that something’s not right. He said that what’s likely going on is that my kneecap isn’t tracking right in the joint, and that exercises to strengthen my quads would help. He gave me a few exercises to do and told me that if the pain ever spiked to give a call and see about that steroid shot. I told him that I would and he sent me on my way.

Except for the MRI results bobble, they handled me very well, very professionally, and quite quickly. Even though there’s not really much going on in my knee I’m glad that I got it checked out just to be sure.

Tomorrow I start adding squats, wall sits, and leg lifts to my exercise regimen.

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