Donuts Make Things Better

This morning we woke up rather early (for a Saturday) and decided that donuts would be an appropriate breakfast for a diabetic, so we drove to Round Rock Donuts (home of the best glazed donut I’ve ever had) and got a dozen donuts, a dozen donut holes (for the ride home) and two klobasniky, one with sausage and one with sausage and cheese. (A klobasnek is like a pig in a blanket: a meat, usually sausage, sometimes with cheese, wrapped in dough and baked. They’re very popular here in Texas, where there’s a large Czech population. Klobasniky are very frequently called kolaches, which is actually very similar to a danish, dough topped with fruit. Both are extremely tasty.) My wife and I split the donut holes between us, ate our respective klobasniky, and went to her office to sign her time card for the week. The rest of the day was spent either goofing off on Facebook and the Internet in general, napping, or preparing our playlist for the evening’s special show (one of the guilds in a game that we play requested our presence for an anniversary event tonight). It’s been a pretty low-key day.

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