Round and Round Follow-Up

Yesterday I told the story of one man’s quest to get a game while keeping its predecessor, through trials and tribulations and a heck of a convoluted story. You’ll want to hit the link above to catch up for today.

I wrote that about mid-morning, and at 11:00 sharp I was logging into their live chat portal. I expected a wait, but I was only waiting for about fifteen minutes when a game master signed on and very clearly answered all of my questions in an efficient manner. A lot of what I had questions on were easily fixable – that is, if you knew how. Getting in touch with tech support helped me understand how to transition from one game to the next and it wasn’t long after the chat that my legacy game client was preserved and I was downloading the new game – at a snail’s pace.

The download took the better part of six hours to complete. We have a pretty fast internet connection and I was anticipating it taking about two hours or so, but for quite a good portion of the download I was being throttled down as low as 1.67 kilobits per second. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that it took as long as it did, and I’m honestly surprised it didn’t take longer.

Long story short, I got everything that they promised me and almost everything I wanted beyond that. (In The Secret World, I had paid for three reserved names. Those names, one for each faction in the game, had been mine since day one, and will remain mine even if I delete a character with one of those names. Moving over to Secret World Legends, however, I could only reserve one name and had to take my chances with the other two. I got one of my names fine enough, but the other was already taken by the time I could log in and create the character. No worry, though, because I found a name that was just as good that was free.) I’ve rolled all three of my characters and gotten them started in the game world, I’ve claimed all my gear that transferred over from The Secret World, and I’m enjoying the changes that were made to the game. Most are game mechanics, although there’s one area of the game that was completely redesigned, and I really like what they did with it. I’m looking forward to getting deep into the game in the future.

There’s only one problem, though. My graphics have a tendency to just vanish in certain camera angles. Items, terrain, even NPCs – poof. So I’ve had the game a day and already reported a bug. Hopefully there will be a fix to it. It makes the gameplay a little difficult in spots.

So that’s been a large part of my day today. How was yours?

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