Keeping On

Today was my wife’s last day at work until the 17th. We’ll be attending her father’s memorial service in Arizona next week, and she wants time at home both before and after the trip. I can’t say as I blame her. She’s processing things as best as she can, although today seemed like it was a little better for her. She’s even been able to crack a smile and laugh a few times today, which is more like her usual self.

It’s been business as usual for me today, although her father’s been on my mind a good deal. I hate she’s having to go through this, but eventually we all have to at some point.

I’ve taken it easy today – been dealing with a headache most of the evening, for starters – so today hasn’t been terribly productive. Not sure tomorrow is going to be productive either.

We’re skipping our show tomorrow night, because neither of us really feel up to being on the radio just now.

I’ve been tired all day. Can’t wait for bed.

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