Back At Home

My wife and I are back in Austin following an emotionally draining trip to Phoenix to say goodbye to her father, who passed away a week ago. I’ve detailed each day’s events in this blog, so regular readers will know what we’ve been through and how it’s affected us with our particular mental illnesses.

The flight was cramped and very warm. The window shades were down and each air vent was opened all the way before we boarded to try and cool down the cabin as much as possible. For the most part, passengers kept their window shades down and their air vents open throughout the flight, although there were a few people that wanted to see the sun. It was fairly dark in the cabin, so much so that some passengers had to turn on their lights to be able to read. Excepting for my wife and I almost literally sitting on top of one another, and the oppressive heat, the flight was actually pretty nice, with only a little turbulence.

As we landed, I realized just how much I rely on the window being available. I tend to look outside as we descend to be able to gauge when to prepare for touchdown, but today there were so many people around me that kept their shades down I didn’t have a frame of reference for how close to the ground we were, and when the wheels touched down I was a bit shocked by it.

It’s good to be back home surrounded by familiarity and comfort. Both cats are inside and are currently snuggling with my wife as she takes a bit of a snooze. I’ve got my laptop back in its usual place and sitting in my usual seat instead of making do with the hotel desk situation. I’m about to go make a cup of coffee. Life is good.

And it’s relatively back to normal, or as normal as things get for us.

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