Back to Work

Not me, not really.

My wife and I woke up this morning ready to spend a morning and afternoon goofing around on the internet, playing games, maybe watching a movie or two, when she got a text from her team lead. The Saturday dispatcher had called in, and no one else was answering their phone. Could my wife possibly work from 11:00 to 8:00 today?

We thought it over, and when she found out that she was pretty much the last resort she told them that she’d be in. So we finished our morning stuff and packed up the laptops to head into her office.

Her cubicle is rather big, and has enough room for both of us to put our laptops on her desk in addition to the office computer that’s already there. So we got there, she got settled in and brought up her work computer, and we fired up the laptops to keep us busy during what was a really slow shift.

Generally if a ticket comes in on the weekend, it’s because something somewhere broke. Not anything that you can anticipate, but you can’t not address such situations in a timely manner, so her day was spent monitoring her computer for new work coming in and playing on her laptop. Since I had no such work obligations to hold me back, I went straight for the playing part and left the work to her.

The day went pretty fast, faster than it would if we were at home basically doing the same thing. The change of scenery was nice and a welcome addition to my day. She had a few tickets come in, and some that took longer than others, but we managed to have a good time while there.

Her back and hips are really bothering her, though, and she had to take a pain reliever that left her a little too woozy to safely drive home, so I poured her into the passenger seat and took the wheel for the short commute.

Right now we’re contemplating what, if anything, we want to do with the rest of our evening. Getting back in game sounds like a good idea. So does closing everything down and going to sleep. I haven’t done hardly anything today but I am completely exhausted again.

Tomorrow promises to be more leisure time around the apartment, although there’s likely going to be a trip to the store in our future tomorrow sometime.

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