Picking Up Speed

So there have been several updates to my school saga this morning.

First and foremost, I discovered that the Individual Plan for Employment amendment that Texas Workforce Commission and I did regarding the switch to cardiovascular sonography was approved – and in fact was approved before I ever got a copy of the plan in my hands! Everything’s a go with TWC!

The second point is going to take some explaining. Texas Workforce Commission requires that a client returning to school through TWC assistance take at least 12 credit hours per semester. I have four prerequisite classes: college algebra, anatomy & physiology I, A&P II (which requires A&P I), and introduction to physics (which requires college algebra). That’s four classes split into two semesters, and neither one of those will have anywhere near 12 credit hours. So it’s been a bit of a concern as to whether TWC would pay for those classes. (There’s a semester in the program that has only 11 credit hours, so this is a situation that will be occurring three times during my education.) I found out today that all I need to do is explain my situation and they can write a justification that will give me an exception to that rule. So even the semesters with a light course load will be covered.

Third, I have an appointment on Saturday, August 26 to attend my Area of Study information session which is basically an orientation to the department. Attendance in that session is required before I will be allowed to register for classes. Problem is, fall classes start on the 28th, and it will be impossible to get books through TWC’s channels in time. So I have another appointment with one of my academic advisers on Thursday to hopefully expedite the process somewhat. Hopefully that will give me enough time to register for the classes I need and get my books and supplies before the semester begins.

So that leaves the meeting with my adviser, my AoS information session, actual registration for classes, and acquisition of student ID, parking permit, and books to do before the end of the month. At one point I would have told you that it would be impossible to get all this done in time. Now, I’m not so sure about that. It seems possible, although it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

This is really happening. I’m excited and nervous all at once.

Now that I have definite confirmation of this being a real live thing, I’m adding a new category that will deal with my going to college – Think For Yourself. As with all my categories, its name comes from the title of a Beatles song. If you’re interested in this aspect of my life, and want to read everything that deals with it, you can search this category.

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