A Change Will Do Me Good

Today I made the executive decision to acquire a laptop for college. Between games, bookmarks, files, music, and other things, I have a ton of distractions on this rig that I fear might get in the way of me studying. Besides, this laptop is somewhat iffy on whether its battery will work, and the keyboard is still shot all to hell, so to keep from lugging a 17.3″, six pound laptop, plus accessories including power cord, mouse, and keyboard, I’m going with something smaller.

Fortunately this switch won’t be an expensive one, at least at first. I have a 12″ Asus Taichi 21 2-in-1 that’s mostly just sitting here. We purchased for a use that turned out to be impractical, so it’s been on the shelf, collecting dust since we got it three years ago. That’s going to make a perfect school laptop for now.

I would, however, like to look at the possibility of getting another laptop for use in class. I have nothing against the Taichi, but it’s small. There’s a full-size keyboard on it, but it doesn’t have a numpad, and I would very much like to have one.

I don’t need anything fancy – no 2-in-1 capability, no touch screen, no DVD or Blu-ray drive. I’d like an i5 – don’t think I’ll need anything more powerful than that – and I’d like for it to have a hard drive somewhere between 250 GB and 500 GB. Getting eight GB of RAM would be nice. And outside of that, I don’t really have much in the way of demands. I don’t think this will be an expensive laptop – I could be wrong – but I’d prefer to spend less than more.

That won’t happen until next year’s tax returns, if it happens at all. I’ll have the Taichi for the entirety of my first semester, and I may decide in that time that it will adequately serve my purpose for college. We’ll just have to see.

In preparation for its new use, I’ve created a user on it that’s attached to my school email, and done all the customizing on it that I would like. It’s currently charging its battery as I type this, and I’ll be able to see just how well it will work in a couple of weeks.

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