An Uphill Climb

I went to my first algebra class this morning. Things look pretty straightforward. There will be ten take-home quizzes, about eight homework assignments, and four tests plus an optional final. But there’s a bit of a catch.

As part of the syllabus I received today, there’s a sample test of things you should already know how to do coming into this class. I glanced over it, and could immediately tell that I didn’t know how to do some of the stuff on that test.

The recommendation that was made is that if there’s a lot of that test that you can’t do (and soon, because of deadlines), you might want to take a step back and do an introductory course instead.

I’ve been thinking that over all day today and I think I’ve reached a decision about what I’m going to do.

I’m going to bust my ass to get an A in this class – no matter what extra work I have to do in order to make it happen.

I have spent my life letting things get the better of me and giving up because something didn’t come easily to me. No more.

This is going to be a tough semester, and I’m glad that I’m doing this with only one other course. That gives me the time to dedicate to getting things right.

Online assistance. Learning lab. Tutors. Anything that’s going to help me excel at this class is fair game.

But not tonight. First homework isn’t due until the 11th, although I want to finish it much sooner so I have time to ask questions if I need to. I can start this tomorrow morning when I’m fresh. Today’s been a hectic day and I’m a little fried.

The uphill battle starts tomorrow.

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