Not the Best Start

Tonight was my first biology quiz. I studied well, I thought, and went into class thinking I was more or less prepared. Turns out I was not.

In the end, I missed three of ten, and got a bonus question correct, so odds are that will convert over to an 80. There are going to be quizzes every week, so there’s a good possibility that future performance will gloss over this bump in the road.

I was thrown by the format of the quiz. I went in expecting multiple choice, and it was all short answers. I keep telling myself that at least now I know for next time, so I’ll need to change up what I’m studying as well as how I’m studying it.

I am utterly exhausted right now and want nothing more than to go to sleep, but I’ve got about 45 minutes before I can close things down and call it a night. I’m living the high life, wanting to head for bed at around 9:00. If you see me with a lampshade on my head dancing the watusi past your front window, just pat me on the noggin and point me in the direction of home.

Part of me wants to go ahead and study tonight, but I know that I’m too tired for anything to stick, so I’m erring on the side of caution and starting fresh in the morning.

Maybe I can get to bed a little early tonight. I hope so.

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