Feeling Tall

I was doing dishes earlier today when I had the sensation of being tall wash over me. At five foot eight, this is something I experience infrequently. But usually when I do there’s a flood of emotions that come with it.

The first thing I feel is the physical sensation of being tall – that everything I’m experiencing is done so at a taller height, like I’m standing on a stepstool. It happens in a rush, and I feel confident, self-assured, and vital. I feel like what I’m doing at that very moment really matters in the broad scheme of things. I usually feel like an adult, something that even at 48 I don’t experience very often. The whole thing is almost disorienting, but not in a bad way. The whole experience is utterly peaceful.

I rather enjoy this feeling when it occurs. It never sticks around for long, but it gives me a lasting boost of confidence. I wish I could figure out how to trigger it on my own, because it makes me feel amazing.

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