Better Than Expected

Classes today went well, mostly.

Algebra class started very weirdly. When I got in the room about 20 minutes early, there was one girl that was watching a religious drama of some sort on her phone. I know this because she had the volume at full blast, and it was impossible not to listen along with her show. She didn’t turn it off, in fact, until after the instructor arrived at the top of the hour to start class. Nothing was said to her about this at all. It was one of the rudest, most self-centered things I’ve seen another human do in a long, long time, and if she does it again, I’m going to politely but firmly suggest to her that headphones are a more socially acceptable way to go. It’s going to take every bit of confidence that I can muster, because I’m by nature not a confrontational person, and that is exacerbated by my mental illnesses, but someone’s going to have to be the one to tell her that what she’s doing is inappropriate and rude, and at 48, I’m pretty sure I’m the old man of the class.

The class itself was, fortunately, mostly review, but I got pages and pages of good notes that will come in handy going forward in the class. I turned in my first (take-home) quiz and received the next one, which is due in a week.

Biology tonight started out with me being pleasantly surprised. A few days ago I wrote about my first college quiz, specifically that I had missed three questions out of ten, and that I wasn’t terribly worried about how it would effect my grade, since it was only one quiz out of maybe a dozen or more that I’ll take in this class. I did mention that I’d have to do better from this point forward, and that it would alter how I study and take notes in the future.

Tonight I got my grade back. Turns out I missed only one question and got only half-credit for another, but I got the bonus question correct, which gave me a final score of 9.5/10. Much better than anticipated.

The rest of the class was a meandering lecture on the basics of chemistry as they pertain to biology. My notes were thorough, but they were a jumbled mess by the time I finished scribbling furiously to keep up the pace. It’s a good thing that student accessibility services specifically dictates that I have permission to record lectures, so I can try and make some sense out of this before class on Wednesday. I also have another quiz then, so I’ll be heavily studying the book, the study guide, and my notes tomorrow.

I’m still having fun, although I think that’s largely because I only have two classes this semester. Let’s see if that keeps up next semester when I’m projected to have a full-time load.


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