School Daze

Today has been almost non-stop classes and homework and studying. I woke up at around 5:00 am, did my vitals, took my meds, and made my coffee, then went into the spare bedroom to start in on studying for a biology quiz scheduled for my evening class, and kept that up until about 6:30, when I got ready to drive my wife to work. I got back home about 7:30 and decided that sleep was more important than studying, so I took a half-hour nap before getting my things together for my morning algebra class.

I got there about 25 minutes early this time and, sure enough, the rude girl was in my class watching her show loudly. Well, I say watching. She was getting as frustrated with it as I was, because her stream would drop every few seconds. Instead of taking this as a sign that she should give up, she kept right on watching until class started. I should have said something, I said I was going to, but I honestly didn’t think it was worth my time, so I let her continue.

Algebra class began with our first take-home quizzes being handed back to us. I felt somewhat confident with this quiz, so I wasn’t terribly surprised to learn I’d scored a 92. The two mistakes that I made were both careless math, and I saw immediately what I’d done wrong. We then started into what amounted to a ton of note taking on my part through a lecture and example problems. The class was interrupted by the college emergency alert system doing a scheduled test, during which I checked my phone and found the text message I’d signed up to receive during emergencies, followed a few minutes later by an email testing that aspect of the system. Good to know that it’s in place in case, God forbid, it’s ever needed.

I headed home and started back in on the biology studying, and even rescheduled my usual therapy appointment for Thursday to give me more time to study. I left at about 3:40 to go pick my wife up from work, came home, and went right back to studying until it was time to pack things up and head to class.

The drive was rough, not because of traffic, but because I was very concerned about this quiz. I didn’t feel I had studied enough for it, and I think part of my concern was based around my first quiz in that class, where I was expecting a multiple choice quiz and instead got one asking for short answers. The unknown was making me nervous, but I figured that I’d do the best that I could and, if I did badly enough, the lowest quiz score would be dropped. I got to class and struck up a conversation with the girl that sits next to me about how neither one of us was really ready for this quiz.

The instructor came in a little early and immediately set everyone at ease – the quiz had been postponed until Monday. I was given a reprieve! I sat through the lecture, carefully taking extensive notes.

When I got home, I’d decided that I’d had enough studying for one day, so I started being social online and eventually got into a voice call with my wife and a new friend of ours.

And that was my day. How was yours?

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