My Popular Season Approaches

Yesterday my wife and I went to a local SCA event. Trying to explain everything that went on would take far longer than I think I have left in me tonight, but suffice it to say there was a lot to do. More importantly for my wife and I, there were a lot of friends that were glad to see me. There was one dear friend who told me that seeing me made his day, and another that sat me down and spent a good long time telling me how proud he was of me and the changes that I’ve been making in my life over the past six months. And then there were all the hugs.

My wife and I are both affectionate people, and as such we’re quick to hug friends when we see them. I’ve been complimented on my hugs many times from many people, and more than one person that has hugged me has let out a contented sigh in my arms. It’s taken all this time and all these hugs for me to really realize I’m a decent hugger.

The problem with the long hugs that I like to give is that I live in Texas where it’s uncomfortably warm for a majority of the year, and I kick off a huge amount of body heat, so hugs tend to be shorter in the summer than in the winter, when folks are wanting to get warm. The running gag is that my wife will rent me out to others when we’re camping in the late fall and winter, because I’m too warm for her in a small space like a tent. She’d much rather I go heat up someone else’s tent that really wants the heat rather than being uncomfortable sleeping next to me. (Full disclosure: we have a nice air mattress that will sleep two, but as the firmness of the mattress fades throughout the night, my wife and I tend to roll toward the middle of the mattress where we’re basically stuck together until one of us wrestles their way back to the edge again.)

Last night we camped in our car, and awoke this morning to have a tremendous omelette made to order, quite a treat to have while camping. One of the households that we belong to does omelette breakfasts a few times a year to raise money for our shipbuilding projects, and it’s always something to look forward to the morning after an event when the pace of things is sometimes a little slower.

I really miss not being able to be more active in the SCA. For quite a long time it was because of my mental illnesses, but now that they’re pretty under control, the aggravating factor is my schoolwork. In fact, we almost didn’t go to the event because of my need to finish a homework assignment due tomorrow morning, but I’m glad I got that under control to the point that I could set the books aside for a day. The break is appreciated and especially when I can spend it doing things that I love to do with people I love spending time with.


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