Day of Grades

Today in algebra class I turned in my fourth quiz and got back my first homework assignment, my third quiz, and my first test, all in one shot.

The homework assignment wasn’t a big worry, since the answers for most of the questions were in the back of the book, and I checked those questions once I completed them to make sure I was right, or to find out what I needed to change to get the correct answer. These were graded on a ten point scale and I got full marks, 10/10.

The quiz was a concern, however. This was the quiz that I turned in early because of my trip to California last month, and as soon as I got through the lecture that day I knew I’d screwed up. My instructor even told me there was one that he saw on a perfunctory glance that I got wrong, so I went in expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d scored an 85 on it.

Then came the test. This was my first closed-book grade in the course and I was very nervous. I took over an hour to get through the 11 questions on it and I left thinking that it could have gone either way. I was worried, though. This one single test represented 21% of my final grade, so if I screwed up even one question, it would measurably affect things in the long run. I flipped the paper over and saw “94 – Very Good!” and I could feel the tension melt away.

The best I can tell, I’m carrying an A average in both algebra and biology, which I’m very happy with at this point in the semester. It’s been a bit of a struggle at times juggling the demands of two classes, but for the most part things have been relatively stress-free. I don’t anticipate that continuing into next semester, however. The plan is to take on a full-time course load, and that’s going to cause some changes in my daily routines. Some things on my checklist will go by the wayside because I just won’t have time to keep doing them. One of those things might be this blog, to an extent. I have written nearly every day this calendar year and I just don’t see me continuing to do that with a 12 credit hour schedule. I’ll likely either drop to a couple times a week, or have to severely curtail how verbose I get here. Still not sure which I’m going to wind up doing. (You guys read this thing, what do you think? Same detailed, long-winded posts less often, or still daily, just with shorter posts? Let me know in the comments or on one of my social media feeds if that’s how you got here.)

We were anticipating a weekend off from being social, but a friend pointed out that the SCA event that’s being held this weekend by the Norman, Oklahoma group is actually taking place in north Texas, which shaves about two and a half to three hours off the drive time, making it considerably more accessible. My wife and I haven’t visited our friends in the north of the kingdom for at least twelve years and we’ve been wanting to find a way to get up and spend some time with them. (For those unaware, the SCA kingdom that I live in is comprised of Oklahoma and that part of Texas in the Central time zone – in other words, basically everything but El Paso, so Oklahoma is north for us here in Austin.) We poked and prodded the budget and made this weekend’s event a possibility, so at this point we’re planning on attending. My therapist would be very happy to hear just how social I’ve been over the last five or six weeks.

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