Foolish Mistake

So yesterday I went to my algebra instructor to ask about the problem that basically had me losing a day’s worth of study to slightly irrational thoughts. He gladly welcomed me into his office, and I showed him the problem that I was having. We went through it together, and I couldn’t understand why I was getting the results that I was for this question, so I compared the book to what he’d done. Sure enough, he was getting the right answer, and a quick glance showed me my problem.

I was doing the wrong question and trying to match the correct answer in the back of the book to it. Ahem.

Both classes went well yesterday, and the biology quiz that I hadn’t really studied for was postponed until Monday night, so I have a bit of a reprieve on that. But I still have a ton of algebra homework to do between now and Wednesday morning, and precious little time to actually get it done.

I mapped out a plan for getting it completed in time, but it cost me my weekend plans. I imagine this will not be the last time that school is going to have me cancel things, but I was hoping to avoid it while I’m going half-time.

Today didn’t go so well on the homework front. I was consistently distracted by anything that wasn’t algebra, so I reached out to a friend for some assistance with time management for students. I got some good advice and will be implementing it tomorrow.

It’s going to be a hard few days, but I can handle it. The trick is going to be avoiding  getting this far behind on the next assignment.

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