Taking a Bit of a Break

Today was the first day in over a week that I didn’t have something hanging over my head that was an immediately pressing concern, and I took advantage of that by taking it easy today. I didn’t do any schoolwork, although I’ll be back on that bandwagon tomorrow (I do have pending homework and a midterm on Monday, but the homework isn’t due for some time, and the midterm shouldn’t give me too much trouble with a couple days’ worth of studying invested in it). Today was pretty much a day for me to breathe.

There wasn’t that much breathing going on, though. I was kinda busy doing housework in the morning, and then had a therapy appointment in the afternoon that pretty much ate the rest of the day.

Therapy went well. My therapist is very excited to hear how I continue to be improving, although I need to take better notes to remember a month’s worth of relevant information at a time.

Tomorrow morning starts with an early doctor’s appointment for my annual physical and flu shot, so I’m going to be going in fasting for my A1C. I’ve written NO in great big letters on a couple of Post-it Notes and stuck one to the refrigerator and one to the Keurig, just in case I wind up on autopilot tomorrow morning and try to take anything by mouth.

I’m starting to fade. Can’t remember what it was I was going to say just now, so I give up. Heading for bed.

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