Short post today, because I waited until half past 11 to write and my body is starting to dislike the idea of being conscious. (I promise I will write a post of substance again one day.) Went to the doctor this morning for my annual physical and my flu shot. Things seem to be chugging along within relatively normal parameters, but I was overdue for some bloodwork, so the phlebotomist had her way with my left arm for a while.

I seem to have forgotten how much flu shots hurt. My whole upper arm is sore and I imagine it will remain that way for another day or two. Here’s hoping I don’t get any residual symptoms this year.

The fun thing is that I made $50 doing that stuff this morning. My insurance has a rewards program that pays you in gift cards for doing things like your physical and your flu shot. Last year I earned $100 through the program, and I’m hoping to do the same this year.

Today was pretty quiet, and I didn’t accomplish much today, but part of that was because I’ve been exhausted pretty much all day, and part of that is because once again the water was out for an extended period of time today, and I couldn’t get much housework done without it. I’ll have a lot to do tomorrow, but it’s doable.

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