#617 – A Fluff Piece About The Holidays

So it’s been about seven weeks since I last wrote – not the best, but it certainly isn’t as long as the period between my last blog post and the post before that. I’m even writing in consecutive months! This is just going to be a light, easygoing piece. Nothing really deep and profound here, I just need to get back into the habit of writing, and if I have to make each blog post monumental, I won’t write until something big happens. So I’m going to write some fluff until I am ready to write something with a little more emotion behind it. Fluff pieces are things like reports from dog shows and stories about the traveling production of a recent Broadway musical coming to town. Since I haven’t ever been to a dog show and it’s been years since I last caught a musical, I’m going to report on Christmas.

This year we visited my mother-in-law and niece & nephew in Arizona. We stayed for a week and had two full-blown Christmas dinners during our trip. There were days of preparation and we stayed pretty busy, so it was one of those trips where you need a trip out of town to recover from the trip you just took. My wife’s and my bodies are kind of broken and so we couldn’t constantly be on the go, but we were occupied most of the time we were there. It was a good trip – emotional, but good.

This year my spouse got a gorgeous leather messenger bag she’s had her eye on for a couple years, a really nice spoon carving set, a Brandon Sanderson book (for Jolabokaflod, more on that in a minute), and some DLCs for a video game we play. I got a flight control system for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator, the LEGO Architecture model of the London skyline, a book called The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story, some DLCs for the same video game, and a new video game that was on my wishlist. Together, we received a gift card that we’ve since used to buy a small patio furniture set that my spouse can use while carving wooden spoons outside for easier cleanup, a lot of new clothes and a memorial glass sculpture that will get its own blog post in the near future, as it deals with loss and grief, neither of which are fluffy.

We had two Christmas dinners. One was on Christmas day with our ex-sister-in-law, her current boyfriend, and our niece and nephew at their place, along with the boyfriend’s sister, fiance, and their two kids, plus our ex-sister-in-law’s father. Food was tasty and conversation was good, and I was reminded that young kids can produce a painfully loud, absolutely piercing shriek, and hold it for a good 45 seconds. The other was the following night at our mother-in-law’s place with the niece and nephew, their mother, and her boyfriend. There was a LOT of food to be had and it was all incredible. I ate very well while on this trip.

There, fluff piece completed. Tune in next time when things likely get more emotional.

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