About My Categories

The Beatles Drop-T logo was designed by Ivor Arbiter and is a registered trademark of Apple Corps.

I have a special place in my heart for the Beatles and my category titles are all song titles of theirs. Here’s an explanation of what they’re all about.

A Day in the Life: Posts that deal with the current day’s events, experiences, feelings, or what have you.

A Hard Day’s Night: I suffer from insomnia. These are my nighttime ramblings.

Blackbird: In which I deal with death or grief.

Carry That Weight: I am morbidly obese and my health is greatly suffering for it. I don’t want to die young. This is my weight-loss journey.

Every Little Thing: In the evenings before bed, I sometimes detail at least three good things that happened that day. This is to remind me that every good thing, no matter how little, is important.

Getting Better: I’m doing a thing! It’s a good thing! Here’s where I tell you about what I’m doing to improve my life.

Got to Get You into My Life: If the post deals with something I need to recall easily until my memory picks up the slack, it’ll fall under this category.

I Call Your Name: I have never liked the name I was given at birth, nor have I ever really felt 100% comfortable in that identity. These posts deal with the process of my name change, from its initial seed in 1989 to its final, legal fruition over thirty years later.

It’s All Too Much: These posts focus on the downside of my symptoms – depression, hopelessness, etc.

Magical Mystery Tour: This is where I expound on the weirdness of my life – my geeky hobbies, my quirky sense of humor, my unconventional lifestyle.

Paperback Writer: I like to think I’m a budding writer. In this category, you can find my short stories and other works of fiction.

Revolution: From time to time I’ll get political. Those posts are going to be found here.

Think For Yourself: I’m going back to school! Follow along with my education through this category.

Tomorrow Never Knows: There are times that I feel my future is less certain than others. Here’s where I confront my fears about and share my hopes for the future.

We Can Work It Out: Here is where I discuss (in broad detail) my therapy sessions: what was discussed, what homework I have, and what goals I set for myself. Rarely will posts in this category be lengthy; only when I have an epiphany will I go into a lot of detail about what was discussed. This is to protect the therapist-client relationship and also, not everything discussed in therapy needs to be made public knowledge.

With A Little Help From My Friends: I have an amazing support network and they are deserving of every thanks and shout-out I can give them. Here’s where those go.

Yesterday: A look back at my life, one tale at a time.

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