Starting to Click in Place

I met with my psychiatrist today.

I told him everything that’s been going on over the last two months, and he was very pleasantly surprised by all that’s transpired. He wanted to stress to me what a big deal it is to go from a career in medical billing and coding, which has no patient interaction, to sonography, which has constant patient interaction. I told him that my social anxiety tends to only flare up in truly social situations – if I have a purpose or goal when talking to someone, like on the job or when I’m a customer someplace, I’m usually just fine. He said I should be very proud of myself for all that I’ve accomplished and wished me luck with school going forward. For obvious reasons, he kept me on the same medication regimen and told me to come back in three months.

I also rescheduled an appointment that I had with Austin Community College’s Student Accessibility Services tomorrow morning for Wednesday morning. I had to reschedule because an availability came up for a Health Sciences Area of Study information session tomorrow morning, and that’s a far, far harder appointment to get than the one with SAS. So I cancelled my appointment for an AoS session on the 26th – two days before classes start – and grabbed the one and only slot available for the entire department system-wide for the rest of the semester. This is going to let me register for classes much earlier than I would otherwise be able to – hopefully as soon as tomorrow afternoon or evening. (The AoS session is a requirement for all new students before registering for their first semester of classes, hence why I wanted to expedite the session if possible.)

I’ve got a busy week, appointment-wise. Today I met with my psychiatrist, tomorrow it’s my AoS session,  and Wednesday it’s the meeting with SAS and also my appointment with my therapist. I’m still taking all these changes to the status quo in stride, without getting uptight about them. I’m actually looking forward to starting the semester.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll hear back from my counselor at Texas Workforce Commission about a few questions that I had. She’s been out of the office for the last few days, so hopefully she’ll get to my email early.

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