Taking a Short Break (Sort Of)

You’ll notice that I haven’t written since Saturday. That’s partly because I forgot, partly because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, and partly because I’ve been working on an offline writing exercise.

For the next few days I’m going to be making that exercise (which is long and very introspective) my writing priority instead of blogging. If there’s something that happens that seems especially worthy of sharing, I’ll pop back in here and write up something quick and dirty.

… like last night, for instance.

My wife and I have been keeping our distance from the SCA, that historical re-creation organization we belong to, for some time, for various reasons: our heads aren’t screwed on right enough to deal with large crowds of people, our schedule has been preventing any sort of eventing on the weekends, the money really isn’t there for us to even daytrip an event, and finally my wife doesn’t really have anything to wear even if we could make an event.

We mentioned this to a very dear friend who got in touch with another dear friend and together they’re going to work to provide my wife with at least one outfit to wear at events, to help facilitate us coming out. This is a very generous gesture, so for the two of you that conspired to make this happen, and you know who you are, thank you so much for this priceless gift of removing one of the many obstacles that are preventing us from being social and around people that love us and care about us – that’s a situation we both desperately need more often.

Anyway, last night.

Last night we treated one of these dear friends to dinner and got to meet her newborn son for the first time. I was on baby duty while she took care of the business of getting my wife’s measurements (SCA garb is generally custom made, so getting measurements is an important step in the process) and ordering fabric. Being an only child and not living in a neighborhood with younger kids than me – all the kids in the neighborhood were months apart in age, three of us within 12 days and two of us on the same day (we think there was a block party but no one will confirm that) – I never had the exposure of taking care of an infant, so this was a relatively new experience for me. Supposedly I did pretty well, as I was more or less able to keep him calm and quiet the majority of the time I held him. There was dinner, there was SCA business, there was a lot of visiting, and we broke things up around 11:00 or so.

It was one of the better evenings I’ve had in a while. I don’t get much opportunity to interact with my friends in person these days, so the experience felt overwhelmingly … normal. I miss that feeling. It made the usual goofing off on the internet all night feel artificial and forced. Fortunately with the change in schedule we can start to do something about that.

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