Hunting Easter Eggs

Today was a little busier than yesterday. We had initially planned to have lunch with one of my wife’s relatives, but she called up and wasn’t feeling well, so we went to the café that we went to the day before yesterday for lunch. The owner is from Chicago and the walls are festooned with Chicago sports memorabilia of all sorts. I had a chicken salad Parmesan sandwich – chicken salad and provolone on Parmesan-crusted toast. It was very good. We went back to the condo and got things that we needed to carry to my brother-in-law’s in preparation for Easter dinner. On the way there, we needed to make an emergency trip to pick up some clothes that we forgot to pick up, and on the way to and from our destination, we drove past the spring training complex for the Cubs. I took as many photos as I could from the road but most of them came out blurry. I got a chance to say I saw the place, though, and that’s good enough for me.

The evening’s activities consisted of a barbecue and Easter egg hunt at a friend of my brother-in-law’s house. We had a good time and the kids seemed to have a blast. The highlight of my evening was the bubble machine and the dog. I have rarely seen a dog so happy. It was enjoying the bubbles far more than the kids were. I was also introduced to bacon mustard, and this is both a wonderful thing and a sad one, since it’s regional and nothing that I’ve seen back in Texas. Going to have to find that stuff though, because it was delicious.

Haven’t heard anything about Mom’s condition today – things were very hectic in the afternoon and I never got a chance to call Kenneth until nearly 11:00 pm Eastern time. I trust that if her condition had deteriorated any he would be on the phone telling me about it. Both of us are trying to keep a close eye on her since the stroke, and I wish I lived closer to her to be able to spend time actually with her. She seemed to improve greatly while I was in town and I’d like to be able to give her daily or near daily visits from me to be able to keep her spirits up. As it is, we can barely communicate over the phone.

Tomorrow is Easter mass at 11:00 am and Easter dinner back at my brother-in-law’s place. Once we finish with that, our social obligations will be complete for this trip, with the only socialization that we have being with my mother-in-law and her husband. Monday is the flight home.

I’ve had a surprisingly good trip, but it will be a good thing to get back home.

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