Today’s been rather busy, comparatively speaking.

My to-do list usually has about three or four items on it. Sometimes I have to artificially create something to do in order to give me that check box on my checklist. Sometimes household chores line up to where I’m doing a few of them on the same day and I don’t need to find things to do.

Today’s checklist has twenty items, and I’m tired.

I’ve still managed to achieve what will be full marks on the checklist today, so today’s been very well balanced between my usual stuff and stuff specific for today. And there’s been some time to just sit back and relax at the end of the day.

To be fair, most of these items are things that didn’t take too long to complete, so I only spent a few hours on that part of my day. But usually my to-do list is filled with things that only take a few minutes to do, so it’s a comparison between a few hours and 30 minutes. (Remember that a lot of things are daily to-do items and are therefore each separate check marks on my checklist.)

It’s been a good day. But I hope tomorrow’s not as hectic.

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